(E&K) Resonating Heritage: Rahmatullo Hoshimov, Tajikistan's Arirang Maestro

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In the serene embrace of Tajikistan's Shuroabad District, where the essence of tradition fills the air, Rahmatullo Hoshimov stands as a cultural luminary, his melodies echoing through the ages, touching the hearts of his people. Born on August 13, 1960, Rahmatullo's journey is a harmonious symphony of devotion to his Tajik roots, embodying the soulful essence of his nation's cultural heritage.

From the tenderest of ages, Rahmatullo Hoshimov has been immersed in Tajikistan's rich cultural tapestry, drawn to the haunting allure of Falak, a traditional musical genre that encapsulates the essence of Tajik tradition. His accolades, including the esteemed title of People’s Artist of Tajikistan and prestigious awards such as the State Medal "Khizmati Shoista" and the Medal of "A’lochi farhang," testify to his unparalleled talent and mastery in Tajik music and culture. His artistry has transcended borders, earning international acclaim, including the Second Prize at the International Festival of Folk Singers in Ankara, Turkey.

Yet, Rahmatullo's impact extends far beyond the realm of accolades; it is rooted in creativity and innovation. Associated with Tajikistan's esteemed theaters and philharmonic institutions, such as the State Academic-Drama Theater and the Tajik State Philharmonic, he infuses traditional folk songs with a creative vigor, breathing new life into age-old melodies while preserving their timeless essence.

Education and mentorship form the cornerstone of Rahmatullo Hoshimov's legacy. A graduate of the Faculty of Language and Literature at the Pedagogical Institute of Kulob, he is dedicated to imparting his knowledge and skills to the next generation of musicians. As a teacher at the Tajik State Institute of Culture and Arts, he nurtures the talents of aspiring musicians, ensuring the perpetuation of Tajik musical heritage.

In a world where cultural treasures are often threatened by the passage of time, Rahmatullo Hoshimov stands as a guardian of Tajikistan's rich cultural tapestry. Through his resonant voice, he preserves the melodies of tradition, weaving tales of love, longing, and resilience that resonate deeply with his fellow Tajiks. As his melodies echo through the ages, Rahmatullo Hoshimov reaffirms the enduring beauty and significance of Tajik culture for generations to come, ensuring that its legacy remains eternally vibrant and alive.

Arirang Master

April 8, 2024. Contributed by Publisher & Editor Dr. Seong-Yong Park.

아리랑 마스터, 라흐마툴로 호시모프: 타지키스탄의 음악적 보필자

1960년 타지키스탄의 슈로아바드 지역에서 태어난 라흐마툴로 호시모프는 타지키스탄 전통 음악에 대한 전문성으로 유명합니다. 그는 국제적으로 타지키스탄을 대표하여 유네스코 본부와 국제 축제 "샤쉬마콤" 등 다양한 행사에 참여하였다.

호시모프는 타지키스탄 인민 예술가(2013)라는 권위 있는 타이틀을 보유하고 있으며 국가 메달 "Khizmati Shoista"(2006) 및 "A'lochi Farhang" 메달(1995)을 수상했습니다. 또한 터키 앙카라에서 열린 국제민속가수축제(2000)에서 2등상을 수상하며 자신의 재능을 국제적으로 선보였다.

그의 경력 전반에 걸쳐 호시모프는 국립 학술 드라마 극장, 국립 오페라 및 발레 극장, 타지크 주립 필하모닉을 포함하여 타지키스탄의 다양한 유명 극장 및 필하모닉 기관과 협력해 왔다. 그는 전통음악 장르인 팔락(Falak)을 전문으로 하며 다른 민요를 부르는 데에도 창의적인 접근 방식을 보여준다.

교육적인 측면에서, 호시모프는 쿨롭(Kulob) 교육연구소의 언어 및 문학 학부를 졸업한 후 수 년간 쿨롭 중등학교에서 교사활동을 하였다. 현재는 타지크 주립 문화 예술원에서 학생들에게 팔락 음악과 노래에 대한 지식을 전수하고 있다. 그의 노력은 타지키스탄 음악의 보필자로서의 역할을 빛내고 있다.


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