The International Dance Festival LAZGI 2024

Its second edition took place from April 25 to 30, 2024 in Khiva City, Uzbekistan.

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Large billboard promoting the LAZGI Festival

More than thirty countries, including South Korea, India, Tajikistan, Serbia, Spain, Japan, and Brazil, were represented at this magnificent event, which was organized by UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage, the Khokimiyat of the Khorezm region, and other departments. Through folkloric and traditional dances, dance groups and individual performers represented their nations in a high-level competition that bolstered the caliber and diversity of the event. Seven knowledgeable experts from various geos were on the jury, offering a variety of viewpoints on the artwork that was displayed: Margaret Dechenaux from France; Sun-OK Kang from South Korea; Camila Leal Rosa from Brazil; Arman Nurmakhamatuly from Kazakhstan; Manara Eldeib from Egypt; Ziyoda Madrahimova from Uzbekistan, and Gavhar Matyokubova, one of the biggest Uzbekistan forerunners of Lazgi Dance.

Reporter with participating performers

As a component of Uzbekistan's cultural legacy, the Khorezm dance known as "Lazgi" is listed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Legacy of Humanity. The sounds and occurrences of the surrounding environment, as well as emotions of love and happiness, are reflected in the movements of Khorezm dance, Lazgi, which captures human ingenuity. The Khorezm Region's Tuproqqala archaeological site has paintings depicting the dance, indicating the dance's centuries-old origins. Lazgi dance, which draws its inspiration from the social life and activities of the surrounding communities, portrays real life in all of its motions.

Reporter at the festival venue

Academics and experts imparted their knowledge at the Khorezm “Lazgi” Dance: Scientific-Theoretical, Spiritual-Educational Principles of Cultural Diplomacy Development event, which coincided with the festival. Camila Leal Rosa, a member of the Culture Masters' advisory board, represented Brazil as a jury member and speaker at the conference, presenting about the Cultural Diversity in Brazil.

May 15, 2024. Contributed by Brazilian Reporter Camila Leal Rosa.

Camila Leal Rosa is currently President of ABrasOFFA (ECOSOC-UN special consultative status holder, member of CIOFF and ICCN) and Member of International Advisory Board of Culture Masters. She has also engaged with various roles such as collaborator of the NGO since 1997 on projects pertaining to folklore, culture, environment, youth and childhood, education and 17 sustainable goals agenda. Official Translator/Interpreter, first Volunteer of Youth for the Culture of Peace Program by IOV/UNESCO, Europe 2004. Speaker, performer, and jury member in worldwide events representing Latin America and the Brazilian Culture Diversity (including workshops of Samba and other modern/folkloric rhythms). Presenter/Director of the International Folklore Festivals of Brazil – Virtual Editions. Former Director/Dancer/Singer of the Czech Folklore Groups Slavia and Pramen. Participant in the research project FOLK-COVID: International Diagnosis on Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Folklore Contexts ( BA in Translation/Interpreting, Technician in Tourism, MBA in Strategic Planning of Mkt and Sales, certified Leader Auditor ISO 9001 - Quality Management System, Cultural and Linguistic Advisor by Knowledge Partners, International Expasions Advisor for Mafaza Investments – Dubai, and Country Manager Brazil and LATAM for R2B2 an ad tech Czech company operating in 41 countries.

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